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Legislated Safety

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The three minimum requirements that are required by you the vessel owner before your vessel touches the water:

Buoyancy Certificate – this document is obtainable from boat builders and SAMSA or SADSAA qualified officers who will certificate the vessel if it fits the criteria of a buoyancy test. Older vessels invariably have insufficient or non compliant floatation under their decks which must either be installed or corrected prior to certification.

Certificate of Fitness – this certificate is provided by a qualified SAMSA or SADSAA qualified officer after an inspection of compliancy for the vessel and its safety equipment. This certificate expired after 12 months, the vessel must be re inspected and passed fit after 12 months before another certificate will be issued. The condition of the hull, deck and motors are check for ‘sea worthiness’ together with all safety equipment some of which have expiry dates eg fire extinguishers and flares.

Skippers Ticket or Licence – the skipper or person manning the helm of the vessel must be in possession of a skippers ticket or under direct supervision of a licensed skipper that obtained the licence after completing a written and practical test. The skipper is thus licensed to helm vessels of the like size and application. One license does not fit all vessels and/ or applications.

A skippers ticket or licence is not transferrable to any other person.

Source: Vanguard Insurance